Do you suffer with noisy neighbours, or work shifts and can’t get any sleep? Maybe you have a partner who snores, or you have tinnitus? There is something that can provide the solution to restoring peace with Marpac 980A. Get the peace you need and buy securely online today!

Marpac SleepMate 980A creates white noise, the soothing sound of rushing air, to help control unwanted, distracting noise so you can sleep and rest better.

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Marpac 980A - Make a Better Rest

Marpac 980A Video

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Because you need rest to be at your best every day, Marpac 980A should be part of your sleep environment. Marpac Corporation combines American ingenuity and craftsmanship to create a device to help you “sleep well”.

Sleepmate creates white noise, the soothing sound of rushing air, to help mask or greatly reduce the effects of unwanted noise. Sleepmate conveys a sense of calm, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep for a good nights rest.

SleepMate 980A creates a soft, soothing sound that helps block out inter mittent or continual noise which can interfere with your ability to sleep. Ideal for every one from infants to elders, Marpac 980A … for the rest of your life.

SleepMate 980A - Dual Speed Model

Since 1962, Marpac has combined ingenuity and quality craftmanship to bring you the -Original Sound Conditioner. The Marpac 580A creates white noise, the soothing sound of rushing air, to mask disturbing noises and provide a consistent and unobtrusive sound environment. Use SleepMate 580A to sleep better all night long at home, to mask private conversation in the doctor’s office, or to improve concentration in noisy locales.

Marpac SleepMate 980A Product Feature

Below is Marpac 980A excellent feature :

  • Creates white noise for a soothing consistent sound conditioned environment
  • Adjust volume tone and pitch to suit you and your surroundings 980A dual speed model has two speed settings for maximum customization
  • Great for infants children apartments dorm rooms snoring spouses and more
  • Operates on normal household current with no batteries required
  • Made in the USA

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Marpac 580A Customer Review

Below is Tanisha’s comment about her White Noise Machines :

Sleepmate 980A

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This Marpac 580A was a life saver! After starting to use this for naps and night time sleep at 8 weeks and our son went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 6 hours! He’s been a SUPER sleeper ever since (he’s 16 months now)! We’ve tried this unit in a few different-sized carpeted rooms. As long as the room has a decent DOOR, it works perfectly!

Deep rich sound on the highest setting, and a somewhat hollow sound on the lowest setting (great for weaning him off as we’re attempting now…) We live in a multiple-family community near a small airport, a Naval base, and a train station. The landscapers come DAILY. We NEEDED this. Best $50 we’ve EVER spent.

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